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Gentle Yoga is a gentler style of practice that will focus on moving slowly and mindfully allowing every student to move safely into each pose, with enough time to employ props and modifications. By using Gentle movement, breath work and postures we work to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, build strength, flexibility & balance.


Monday mornings 10:00 am

First class January 18th

Last class February 22nd



Restorative Yin Yoga is a class focusing on slowly stretching tight muscles and loosening stiff joints. This class is designed to help guide you towards flexibility and stress relief through longer-held passive supported poses; utilizing the breath, encouraging the body and mind to connect with equanimity, evenness, and balance, in this meditative practice.

Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm  

First class January 20th

Last class February 24th                                                                   


Barre is an invigorating total body workout. Barre is a mindfully intense class with the perfect mix of dynamic movements that work deep into the muscle, seamlessly transitioning to deep stretches to balance the body. Pulling from the principals of Pilates, the wisdom of yoga, the grace of dance and the body sculpting benefits of traditional interval strength training Barre helps develop dynamic strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Monday evenings 6:00 pm         

First class January 18th

Last Class February 22nd    


Beginners Warmly welcomed!        


    6 Week Session |1- class a week ($70) | 2- classes a week ($120)     


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