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In life at times, you get the opportunity to enjoy great experiences.  One of mine, is how fortunate I am to have Shannon as my yoga/barre instructor for the past 8 years.

When you come into Shannon’s studio there is an immediate warm and calming feeling. This prepares you for the class experience.

Shannon’s personality is kind, friendly and welcoming.  She cares about those around her.  Ensuring and reinforcing the students in her class to always listen to their bodies and exercise at the level they are able to.  You feel comfortable and enjoy being part of the class.

She is an experienced instructor and this is reflected in her teachings.  Her dedication and devotion of years of courses/classes comes out in her confidence.

The classes are always interesting and keeps you involved.   The routines are well thought out.  It consists of a warm up to slowly prepare your body, then to the next level of stretches and movements than invigorates you, to a cool down.  It’s always interesting to see the difference of how your body feels during the warm up and then at the cool down.  You notice your body feels better.

I encourage others to take part and enjoy this experience with Shannon.

- Marie-Anne Shewchuk

Marie-Anne Shewchuk

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